Welcome to The Salvation Army Dinsdale Personal Care Home!

salvation army logoBased on the caring ministry of Jesus Christ, Dinsdale Personal Care Home is dedicated to serving, unconditionally, all individuals within its care.This care extends to all the residents’ families, volunteers, and social communities who participate in the life of the Home.

Dinsdale Personal Care Home is committed to providing a home-like environment where individuals are treated with dignity and respect, thereby promoting a sense of individual worth.

Dinsdale Personal Care Home will endeavor to provide a supportive environment that recognizes the value and contributions of its staff.

Dinsdale Personal Care Home will seek opportunities to co-operate with other individuals and organizations in the interests of the people served.

Dinsdale Personal Care Home provides smoke-free accommodations, personal care and activities to help each individual achieve and maintain a quality of life that is both fulfilling and rewarding during the golden years of their lives.

The Salvation Army Dinsdale Personal Care Home is a non-profit charitable organization based on Christian principles and ethics. Its sole purpose is to provide exemplary long-term care to the citizens of Brandon and district, in a loving, caring, home-like environment.

Our fully trained staff provides a variety of services to meet each individuals need – whether it is social, physical, emotional or spiritual. All individuals have access to services provided by our Chaplain, Social Worker, Activity personnel, Nursing staff, support staff and even our very own Chef!

Dinsdale Personal Care Home has 60 individual private rooms with ensuite. Thirty rooms on each floor. Each floor has its own lounge, quiet room and kitchenette. Resident’s rooms are fully modern and tastefully decorated.Dinsdale Personal Care Home is accredited by the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation. Our goal is to continue to strive to meet and exceed the Council’s expectations in the years to come.


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