The Many Battles of Life

There’s a saying that life is war, and in any war, there are many battles. And as such, there are many battles that we would have to fight going through life, right from birth to the very end. When you win a major battle, you may think that’s the end of all conflict. Many have gone to sleep after a major victory not knowing that the enemy only retreats, never goes away.

I think this was what David thought after seeing the end of his major adversary, King Saul. In fact, he wrote a major song to commemorate that event. The subheading of that psalm is quite telling: A Psalm of David … who spoke to the lord the words of this song in the day that the lord delivered him from the hand of all his enemies and from the hand of Saul. (Psalm 18)

For David, it couldn’t be worse. With Saul gone, it’s all over! No more war! King Saul was an enemy among enemies. The King of the land, yet he pursued David everywhere to kill him. So when Saul eventually died in battle, David thought the worst is over. In his mind, he has seen the worst of beasts and of humans. He had fought both lion and bear, and a giant of a man called Goliath. What else! David literally went to sleep. But not so fast.

The enemy knew there and then that he couldn’t match his combat skills. He had to devise a devious way—with the wife of one of his soldiers. That was one battle David lost, and he almost lost the war but for his penitence.

Friend, there’s an enemy that doesn’t come with label on its forehead. The Bible has a name for it though very short—SIN, yet, it is more potent and formidable than most people know. In fact, the Scripture is point blank on its outcome: DEATH (Romans 6:23). It has destroyed many homes and marriages. Its path is littered with many causalities.

But here’s the good news: Christ has destroyed the power that makes sin formidable and undefeatable. If we come to him, he surely can help us overcome the weakness and struggle that come to all humans.