When to Flee

Not long after he was born, the king of the land sought to kill him. I’m talking about Jesus. Scholars told us he would be about 2 years at the time. Yet he was no ordinary baby, and no ordinary human either. He was a mystery child. He was God incarnate.

But something strange happened next. His parents were warned in a dream to flee with the child to Egypt if they wanted him alive. What! God on the run! Well, maybe because he was a baby. But I also noticed another time even when he’d become a grown up and had started performing miracles, and he had to go under.

So from that day on they planned together to kill Him. Therefore, Jesus no longer continued to walk publicly among the Jews. John 11:53-54

Why would Jesus of all people run? Why would he hide? Could he not do something about his enemy? Could he not do something that would make his assailants go blind or incapacitate them?

Here’s my point in this article: The wise choose their fight. It’s the foolish that face every battle.

Running should not be interpreted as cowardice. There are things you need to run away from no matter who you are. Some of us know by now that there are some foods we need to avoid if we want to stay alive. In the same way, there are individuals you may need to exit their radar for a time until conditions become favorable.

There are battle you fight and there are battles you flee. How do I know which is which?  Wisdom. Timing. Experience. But more importantly God’s guidance. Ask God.

But if any advice, this is it: If it’s taking too much on you—your health, your time, your resources; if it’s becoming emotionally draining and life threatening; you may want to consider the flight option.

For he who fights and runs away may live to fight another day!