It’s Not Over Yet!

If you think you’re done and that it’s all over, I need you to consider this: Wine tastes sweeter with age.

Your best years are still ahead, not behind you. God started with Abraham at the age of 75; Moses at 80. That’s when most people want to call it quit. Do you know something: It takes time for some of us to get it, that’s if we ever do! In fact, some of us don’t even get it until the last minute. But the good thing is that God is patient. He’s ready to wait for you to catch up with his plan for your life.

When I saw the frequency at which some young people kept coming back to jail, I asked a senior Correctional Officer if they ever get over it. He said they do at some point. Either they die in the process or age catches up with them.

Age! That is why we marinate before we grill. Those of you that know anything about grilling or cooking at all understand that the longer the meat stays in the source the tastier. I know a restaurant in town that boasts of its meat aging for 50 days. And you could tell from the taste. We put so much trust in organizations and products that have been there for years.

Friend, God is not in the microwave business. He’s called the Ancient of days. So if you’re thinking of calling it quit let me say that you’re just getting to the golden years of your usefulness. The journey is about to begin. The fun part is about to start. You don’t want to miss that!

But hear this: It may not be in the way you use to know. It may not be business as usual. And surely it doesn’t mean 8- or 12-hour work day like you’re doing today. At that stage, you do little and there’s so much to show. Robert J. Clinton calls it the Convergence; because now, everything is working together for you.

I close with this scripture: “And no one after drinking old wine desires new, for he says, ‘The old is good.’” (Luke 5:39). God has tasted some old wines; He’s just waiting for yours to be ready!