Taking Responsibility

It’s so easy to blame others for our woes; to shift responsibility for our failures. Playing the blame game is one with many gold medalists. However, it doesn’t solve any problem.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “No one can hurt you without your consent.” Absolutely true. We give too much powers to our adversaries and the challenges we face. You can choose how you respond to each happening in your life. You have that power. Don’t give it away. Don’t give it to anyone to hurt you.

If you got bitten by a poisonous snake, you have two choices. You can go in pursuit of the snake which will drive the poison further into your system; or you can go look for a cure. The choice is yours.

Unfortunately in life, many are in pursuit of the snake. They want to get even with the person that hurts them. They want to tell them, “See what you did. You made my life miserable. You caused me so much pain.” Whereas they could move on with their life. Or they may want to tell others, “See what s/he did to me. S/he wrecked my life. S/he destroyed my life, my marriage.”

Friend, even if you succeed in killing the snake, what good will that do to you? It doesn’t take away your own pain. It doesn’t solve any problem for you.

Let’s break that cycle of pain today, even right now. Take the power away from your adversary. Break that evil yoke of stagnation over your life. You don’t have to live through it another day. Why would I allow someone else to jeopardize my future!

Go and work on yourself. There are resources in the community to help you do that. Go look for a cure. Go get an anti-venom. Why would you allow another person’s poison to ruin your own life? Why would you do that? Your life is too precious and promising to allow just anything or anyone to stagnate it.