According to professional boxers, you don’t usually see the jab that knocks you out. Next you just see yourself with back to the canvas, bewildered at what happened. Same goes for life sometimes; when suddenly without any notice, things come crashing down.

When what’s supposed to be a routine visit to your doctor leaves you with a serious diagnosis that you’re wondering where it came from. Unexpected sickness, heart attack, stroke, sudden job loss, death in the family, relationship breakdown and the list can be endless. Such is the case of the disciples of Jesus in Matthew 8:23-24

Then he got into the boat and his disciples followed him.  Suddenly a furious storm came up on the lake, so that the waves swept over the boat. But Jesus was sleeping.

How do you handle moments like that? But more importantly for me in this article, how do you prevent such emergencies? Because prevention is not only better than cure, it is far cheaper and easier to manage. The good thing is this: If you look well, you can see it coming!

What do I mean? Usually before something major happens in our life, we can sense it coming; it’s only that we’re usually too busy to pay any serious attention to it. Things don’t just happen; one thing usually leads to another. Before any effect, there’s a cause!

There could be something you’re doing right now that could lead to a very detrimental end. For example, how you relate with your partner; how you manage your kids; your finances, your eating pattern and so on.

Usually there are signs everywhere with clear handwriting on the wall, but we don’t consider them a big deal until the inevitable happens. The wave that appears suddenly has been building up in the horizon, but we didn’t pay attention.

John Maxwell, a leadership expert and international bestselling author, said he never took his health seriously until he suffered a heart attack some years back. Now, he would rather go through the pain of discipline than that of regret. One is weightier.

You have a choice right now to make amend; to adjust yourself, change your schedule; to pay attention or to make that move. The choice is there right now; though may not be forever.