I long to see you  … (Romans 1:11 ) 

If there’s one thing the lockdown from Covid-19 pandemic has taught us, it is this: We need each other more than we think. It is now we realize how much we really need the people, places and events we didn’t regard previously. It is now we know that they are very important part of our life.  

Like Apostle Paul in the scripture quoted above, so many of us are longing now to see those people and places in our life that we have been deprived of for some weeks now. We are deeply longing to see those friends, parents, grandparents again.  

Before, we saw them as burden that must be carried, a necessary evil that we have to bear but now we’re beginning to realize that we all need each other. As humans we’re made for relationships. We are social beings. Our value is in our togetherness and connectedness.  

Friend, as the restriction is beginning to ease, we need to embrace a new paradigm in our relationships. Firstly, let’s learn to value people. Of course, we have some friends who are not so friendly, some colleagues who are not so kind, some family members who are not so supportive, but even then, we still need to know that they are in our life for a purpose.  

Secondly, let’s learn to use the various opportunity that life brings us. Take advantage of every moment you have to see another person, to visit. Go for coffee, take time to be with the people in your life. You only have them today, you may not tomorrow.  

And lastly, let’s bear with each other. You know what? Not everyone is like you. We’re all wired differently. Some will see things different from the way you see them. If everyone were to be like you, this world will be a boring place.  

As Rick Warren once noted: We can walk hand in hand together without seeing eye to eye on every issue.  

This is the time to focus more on reconciliation, not necessarily resolution. As our relationship improves, we can then begin to work on those areas of disagreements. 

Without any doubt, it’s a new world for us all, and we need to adjust to the new realities we now have.