Then Jesus arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm. Mark 4:39

One of the amazing things to watch from the safe comfort of your home during storms is how the plants and trees respond to the strong wind.

It’s as if they are super excited and jubilant. It’s like seeing little kids respond to their favorite cartoon character. And depending on the direction the wind is going, you would see all the plants bend in the same direction—just to let the wind pass.

And soon after the storm is over, the trees straighten up again, and there’s calmness everywhere. Talk about the calm after the storm. It’s so amazing to see the trees that have been so shaken become so tranquil.

But then there are a few trees that are too rigid to bend. The fate of such trees is not pleasant. They get taken out of the way, and that violently.

Without any doubt, we’re in a certain storm right now with the Covid-19 pandemic. I see so much similarities between the virus and wind. For one, both are invisible to the human eye yet their effects are seen so clearly everywhere you turn. There’s so much shaking and confusion; so much uncertainty in the air with regards to our future.

However, you can react or respond. When you react, you get angry with the virus which is pointless. You begin to question and fight the measures put in place by the government to curtail the spread. You begin to get angry and frustrated with everyone and everything.

But then you can respond like the trees do to strong wind. You can play along in the direction of the various measures. You can take it easy and be amused by our new look with all the designer masks we see around. You can decide to just enjoy this uneasy calm.

When you learn to respond, most likely you will still be here when this storm is over. Unlike those trees that want to stand on the way of the storm, they receive the full wrath of the storm. But those ones that know how to bend and let the wind pass survive and stand.

Just like the wind ceased and there was a great calm in the above scripture, I see peace returning, and I see you still standing … after this storm is over.