We directly utilize all donations to improve the comfort and quality of the life for our residents. Donations go towards items that enhance our residents’ quality of life through goods and services not typically funded from other sources. Therefore, the well-being and quality of life of our residents is improved directly as a result of donations made by people that care.

Donors receive a Charitable Donation Receipt for monetary donations made to our facility. Please call or visit us for further information.

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We are always in need of willing and eager people to fill a very important role in our home. A loving hand and a smiling face can make the day for someone in a personal care home environment. As a result, most residents eagerly look forward to visits from volunteers in our community. Some residents are without local family and as such, bonding with another person in the community can not only be fulfilling for the resident, but for the volunteer as well.

There are two key areas one could volunteer in our home

  1. Recreation / Therapeutic Volunteers: Coordinated by the Recreation department, these volunteers involve themselves in planning and participating in a variety of outings, reading, helping with crafts, playing games, personal visits and the list goes on. Please contact our Recreation Department if you have any interest in becoming a volunteer.

   Gwen Quadrelli

              Recreation Coordinator 

              Tele: 204-717-8552 


2. Spiritual Care Volunteers: If you have an interest in assisting with or facilitating spiritual care services, bible study, one-to-one services, memorial services and/or are interested in assist with end-of-life spiritual care, please contact the facility Chaplain.

Tunji Olasunkanmi


                Tele: 204-717-8548