Infographic chart that explain where we get our energy for the journey.MISSION STATEMENT OF DINSDALE

  • Based on the caring ministry of Jesus Christ, Dinsdale Personal Care Home is dedicated to serving, unconditionally, all individuals within its care. This care extends to the residents’ families, volunteers, and social communities who participate in the life of the Home.


  • Dinsdale Personal Care Home is committed to providing a home-like environment where individuals are treated with dignity and respect, thereby promoting a sense of individual worth.
    • Dinsdale Personal Care Home will endeavor to provide a supportive environment that recognizes the value and contributions of its staff.
    • Dinsdale Personal Care Home will seek opportunities to co-operate with other individuals and organizations in the interests of the people served.



    (derived from the statement developed in 2010)

    For those in our care as well as those providing care, Dinsdale Personal Care Home will strive for:

    • Commitment
    • Compassion
    • Competence
    • Human Dignity
    • Social Responsibility
    • Person-Centered Care